Accelerating Renewable Diesel Production

NULIFE increases renewable fuel production by an estimated 2-5%, with no capital investment. 

NULIFE’s breakthrough product is a patent pending hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) catalyst for the renewable fuels industry. 

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The Problem?

Renewable fuels are in high demand as they are a critically piece of the fight against climate change.

NULIFE's product helps renewable fuel producers increase production, with no capital investment

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Global Renewable Diesel Market

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What is a Catalyst?

Catalysts are a key part of creating finished fuels in both renewable and traditional refineries.

They help remove impurities such as oxygen. Renewable fuel inputs contain high levels of oxygen.

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NULIFE's Catalyst Placement

No infrastructure changes or capital investment needed.

Our product replaces one of the existing catalysts already used in the commercial hydrotreater unit.

Patent Pending & Drop-In Ready

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Commercial Hydrotreater Unit

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Our Solution

“NULIFE’s hydrodeoxygenation catalyst has the potential to help unlock the advanced biofuels market”

Dr. Ajay Dalai P.Eng, U of S, Canada Research Chair of Bioenergy

“The rate of deoxygenation sets a capacity of the unit… the only fix for this is a new catalyst.”

- Quote from Industry Expert to NULIFE

Deoxygenation Rate Vs Competition

This increased performance helps renewable fuel producers reduce a bottleneck and increase fuel production.

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HDO Target Markets

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Renewable Diesel & Jet Fuel

  • Ultra low carbon fuel that can directly replace conventional diesel. 
  • Global market expected to double within 4 years.
  • Current deoxygenation rate creates a production bottleneck.
  • NULIFE’S catalyst is used in existing hydrotreater unit.


  • Refineries need to co-process biofuels.
  • Required to meet Clean Fuel & Low Carbon Fuel Standards.
  • Refineries on path for wider adoption of renewable diesel & jet fuel co-processing within 3-4 years.
  • Production will primarily involve a 3-5%  renewable diesel slip stream in hydrotreater units.
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NULIFE is currently collaborating with a major renewable diesel producer.

We desire to work with more fuel producers to create additional ‘market pull’ for our catalyst.

NULIFE’s HDO catalyst is our first application for our new class of catalyst. Future work will create additional catalysts for the refinery and wider catalyst markets.

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Get in Touch!

NULIFE GreenTech is looking to develop strategic partnerships with:

  • Renewable Diesel Producers
  • Refineries
  • Catalyst Suppliers

NULIFE’s strong and diverse team, guided by our world class advisors, will accelerate our path to commercialization. To learn more about NULIFE’s opportunities and catalyst development plan, please contact us.

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